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Vestfold International Festival

Vestfold International Festival. 6th-27th June 2015

The festival reveals and revels in the region`s cultural heritage through music and other performances. The festival is a meeting place for Norwegian and foreign artists, both amateurs and professionals, in a setting that ranges from the traditional to the avant-garde. A hallmark of this festival is the informal and sunny profile where the entire county is used as a festival arena, the jagged, rocky slopes along the coast and the inland fields being used as backdrops.

Tickets: + 47 815 33 133
For further information:
Please call Vestfold International Festival + 47 33 30 88 50 or visit us on http://www.vestfoldfestspillene.no







Boks 500 - 3101 Tønsberg
Tlf: +47 33 30 88 50
Email: info@vestfoldfestspillene.no
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